North-End Community Action Committee

  • About Us

    North-End Community Action Committee

    Mission statement


    We are a community based, youth led initiative with goals aimed towards assuring the voices and concerns of black youth, marginalized communities, and North-End residents get addressed. With the overall objective of empowering black youth to better the communities they live in.

  • who are we

    We are youth who care about, and are deeply invested in the communities in which we live. We strive to enforce positive change, and work hard to positively influence other young people in doing the same.


    Our Organizations goals are based on inclusivity, diversity, equality.

    Josh Creighton


    "I wanted to get involved in this organization because i could see the potential it had. I was excited to get together with other youth who were deeply invested in their communities, and who wanted to make a positive impact on the world around them."

    Nikaya Paris


    "Having a community group led by youth is important because it allows us youth to not only work together to build better communities, but it also allows us to approach new and old situations from a modern prospective."

    Treno Morton


    "My main purpose of joining the NCAC was to work with passionate and likeminded individuals within my community. I feel every community should have a voice, and i take pride in being apart of the voice of my community "

    Donntayia Jones


    "This is important to me because everyone talks about what we need, but don't consult youth. NCAC gives us a platform to voice our opinions. it is important for this to be a youth led initiative so that other youth can see what we are doing, and hopefully get inspired to stand up and make a difference."

    Kyturea Jones


    "This Committee is important to me because i am very passionate about my community and the ones surrounding it. I believe Equality should not be geographical. It is crucial for youth to be able to have an outlet to learn, embrace new concepts and to share perspectives to come up with creative solutions to the problems that they face ."

    Ezekiel Ross Adams


    "Being a positive role model in my community is something I take great pride in because it played a huge part in moulding me into the man I am today. Any way shape or form I can give back I'll take it and I feel like this group formed of great and motivated youth is the perfect opportunity for me to do so"

    Same Reid


    "I wanted to join the team to help give voice to our youth, what's important to them, and to actively help create spaces and opportunities. I am passionate about the community and youth and want to bring light to, as well as help conquer issues in and around the community. I'm excited to do my part, along with a team of powerful, innovative and inspiring leaders."

    Payton Ashe


    "I think it's essential to connect with ambitious youth who are striving to make a positive difference. By engaging with our community we influence other adolescents to find their passion and fight for what is right."

  • What We Do

    NCAC works in various ways to support other youth, bring North-End residents together, and to speak out on issues that negatively effect our communities.

    Community Engagement

    Our Committee organizes a number of community engagement initiatives. Such as Community meetings to discuss issues residents have and how we can help, public BBQs, community clean up's, and most recently a street mural painting festival

    Mentorship Program

    NCAC offers a mentorship program for youth of all ages. Mentors help with career planning, educational support, and just to provide a support system to any youth who needs it. The purpose of this is to teach other young people to be leaders within their communities

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    Interview with CBC

    First annual Community BBQ/Clean up

    Engage Nova Scotia conference

    Creighton Street painting project

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